Sunday, October 15, 2006

Okay, beleive me when I tell ya that this is new to me. Was gonna reply to someone elses post and wound up with this. It's all cool. Guess I'll tell ya the other blog I was on, it was by stoner_grrrl, a person that posts on Yes, I am a "pot-smoker", "stoner", whatever word you might use for it. In fact, this grrrl has a contest running for a new "label" for our group. I'm thinking herbalizer sounds creative. Don't really care though, I smoke cannabis because it helps me with pain and I just like being stoned.
I have a full time job as an Asst. Manager in a lube shop. Have Managed a Jiffy Lube training center, two other Jiffy Lubes, an independent lube shop, and a couple resteraunts. So if your thinking I'm just another burned out pot-head, your wrong. But hey, perhaps you could get to know me and realize that "herbalizers" are just every day folks wanting to relax a bit. Used to drink ALOT, got into a ton of trouble over that drinking. Friend of mine died in a car wreck when we was out drinking and driving, I only wound up with a broken back. Lucky me, huh?
Gonna post this for now and go back to what I was doing. If ya read this then come back and see what I got to say. Guess ya can make some comments and tell me what ya think. Please do not curse or get all pissy, just don't like it. Be cool, stay stoned, and make life a good time.